Partnering with Rustica Foods

Our Process

Our mission is simple at Rustica Foods: we are committed to excellence. We continuously work to exceed our customers’ expectations by creating products that distinguish themselves in the market.

Our acute focus and astute understanding of the various food industry market sectors allow us to understand our clientele’s needs and provide them with an exceptional service.  This not only gives us a competitive edge in our industry, but in turn, it also guarantees our customers’ success.

Our unparalleled production processes, combined with our experienced team and industry knowledge, have allowed Rustica Foods to flourish. We are an industry leader in fresh tomato pizzas, fresh topped pizzas, focaccias, par-baked pizzeria style crusts as well as frozen topped pizzas.

Manufactured in a CFIA,  HACCP, SQF Level 2 facility, our premises guarantees a superior level for food safety and quality.

Partnering with Rustica Foods is sure to be the main ingredient to a successful recipe.

Our Leading Team

Rustica Foods has become a leading force in the pizza industry. Our team members specialize in fresh and frozen pizza manufacturing.  From our corporate officers, sales & marketing team, to our QC and R&D experts and our production team, each member is devoted to producing a superior product and delivering a service that is unsurpassed in our field.

Our R&D Team

Rustica Foods R&D team and test kitchen facility are located on site.  The R&D team is committed to perfecting our products and providing our clientele with accurate serving instructions and suggestions. No product leaves our facility without passing through our R&D kitchen first!

The R&D team works closely with our customers and market experts to develop new product ideas, creating products of superior quality that are at the forefront of the pizza making industry.

Our Facilities

Rustica’s pizza manufacturing establishment has been designed to render flexible production processes that maximize our efficiency in producing new products that meet market demands. Our state-of-the-art facility is unlike any other in North America. We have designed a custom line that begins with the dough and ends with the packaging of our pizzas and focaccias.

Our unparalleled methods of manufacturing the pizza dough is achieved by our unique process of letting the dough rest naturally. It mimics expert pizzaiolos in the kneading and rising processes in all crust productions. We use key ingredients such as unbleached flour, real yeast and olive oil that allow the dough to develop slowly before it is shaped.  The resting time for the dough allows for the development of the optimal cell structure to render quality products that are preferred by our customers.

We measure our products against the highest industry standards to ensure that every aspect of a product exceeds our customers’ highest expectations.

Our Packaging Options

Our packaging options include but are not limited to:

  • Flow wrap plastic packaging
  • Shrink wrapping
  • Corrugated shipper boxes
  • Cardboard freezer boxes
  • Retail packages
  • Bulk packaging
  • Craft paper pizza boxes
  • Craft paper sleeves
  • Modified atmosphere packaging
  • Thermo form (MAP) packaging
  • Polypropolyne bags
  • Oven safe board boxes
  • Oven safe flow wrap film
  • Peg hook capable
  • POS floor displays
  • Retail ready shelf display trays
  • Pre-merchandised shop around pallet displays
Corrugated shipper cases
Plastic 'flow wrap' packaging
Ovenable board boxes
Craft paper pizza boxes & sleeves

Rustica Today

Fresh Tomato Pizzas, Par-baked Crusts & Topped frozen pizzas made fresh daily
Unsurpassed production capabilities & capacity and unique test kitchen
SQF Level 2 & HACCP Certified Manufacturing Plant in Montreal, QC
Pareve Kosher Production
IQF Freezing Capabilities
"Clean Room" - New Clean Air Packaging Area

Where to Find Our products

Rustica Foods’ authentic Italian products can be found in your local grocery and convenience stores as well as specialty food retailers, mass merchandisers, club stores, super centers, restaurants and food service operations.  Ask for our product by name at your local grocer, bakery as well as in the fresh food and deli departments of your favorite food stores.  Private & controlled label opportunities are also available.

Where to Find Us