Rustica brand bakery style tomato pizza
Fresh figs (cut in four)
Fresh eggs
Assorted, colored cherry tomatoes
Fresh basil leaves
Fresh cilantro leaves
Thinly sliced Prosciutto
Goat cheese
Black pepper
Chorizo sausage
Thinly sliced spicy salami

Tool: A round cookie cutter
Note: Quantity of ingredients depends on the number of pieces prepared with chosen toppings


Cut tomato pizza in 1.5 inch square. Top each square with different toppings.

Topping varieties
•  prosciutto, 1/4 fresh fig, 1 basil leaf
•  fresh goat cheese, a sprinkle of olive oil and a cilantro leaf
•  place a tomato pizza square in a frying pan with a round hole in the center (cut out with a cookie cutter), crack a whole egg and let cook
• 1 thin slice of spicy salami or chorizo sausage and a slice or two of colored cherry tomatoes

Time to get creative!